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How it works

We set your organisation up in our system and give you a username and password whereby you can access all of the administration functions for your organisation.

You then have access to all the functions of the memberships area and you don't have to rely on an external party to add/update your area.

The system caters for the following functions:

Different Membership Categories Multiple membership categories can be set up such as Full Membership, Associate, City/Country Member etc.

Questions (asked at time of joining / re subscribing) Any number of questions can be set up for the member/subscriber to answer. These can be anything from areas of interest to what help a member can provide the club.

Extra fees Separate fees can be set up to cater for things like a joining fee or a late fee if memberships are not renewed by a certain date.

Merchandise We have found that members are more likely to buy your merchandise (caps, ties, books etc) when they "have their wallet out" at time of joining. The system even allows you to upload photos of the merchandise so that members can see what they are buying.

Terms & Conditions You can set up you own terms and conditions that members must agree to prior to having their membership processed. Things such as "I agree to abide by the rules and constitution of 'XYZ' organisation."

How it integrates to your web site

We provide you with a link to your organisation section in our system. You simply need to set up a button on your web site that points to this 'URL' and the online membership will work straight away.

The system caters for style sheets, so fonts & colours of the membership form can be set to look exactly the same as the fonts & colours that are being used on your web site.

Automatic notification
Every time a member processes a membership application/renewal, the system automatically generates a receipt, which you get a copy of. The member gets a copy of the same receipt for their records.
Direct credit of funds
We direct credit your account with the funds received on your behalf so you no longer have to worry about banking cheques, handling cash or costs involved with dishonoured cheques.
Data transfer
If required, we can provide a summary of the records received in electronic form, so that if your current membership system has an import function, you can upload the new/updated membership details direct to your own database.
Secure electronic transactions
Payments are via credit card using the Commonwealth Banks secure internet payment system. Most web sites that take credit cards, take the card details and then check with a bank to see if the transaction has been approved. With the CBA's system, our web site sends the member to the Commonwealth Banks site with an invoice, the member give the Commonwealth Bank their credit card details and then the Commonwealth Bank sends them back with a receipt.
The Cost
We charge 5.5% (inc GST) of the value of the transactions processed online. There are no other fees involved, so if your members don't use it, our system won't cost you a cent.
Some reasons for using our system

Reduces paper flow
Members details come in via e-mail and electronic reports on the web site which reduce the paper trail in the office.

Reduces keying errors
Members key their own information into the online membership form. Staff no longer have to transpose written details from a form.

Reduces staff workload
Membership application / renewal details can be provided in a data file which can be read directly into your database, thereby reducing the time staff spend on data entry. Payments are made electronically so staff no longer have to write up lengthy bank deposit forms.

Reduces turnaround time
If membership details are uploaded directly to your database, membership applications / renewals can be processed in a fraction of the time it previously took.

Increases document security
Membership forms and cards can no longer 'go missing; either in the mail, or in the office. All details are stored electronically, with the office and the member receiving an electronic receipt, which can be used to track membership details.

Guarantees funds
As membership transactions are not accepted unless their credit card payment is processed, staff no longer have to deal with 'bounced' cheques.

It's what members want
A survey conducted in 2001 by the Equestrian Federation of Australia (Qld Branch) showed that 60% of members wanted to be able to deal with the EFA electronically. Other organisations have a similar take up rate.

A proven and tested system
The system has been in place for 2 years now and had a wide range of users from the Royal National Association in Queensland (60000 members) down to Indooroopily canoe club (43 members).

Increases traffic on your web site
Increased traffic on your web site gives two benefits. Firstly, advertisers can be approached in terms of advertising their products to your members. Increased traffic means increased value for advertisers. This can be a valuable source of external revenue. Secondly, giving members a reason to come to your web site increases your ability to provide them with up to date information about the sport, and increases the interaction between members and the office.